Be The Author of your destiny

Why Thinking Free Is critical for your life and relationship success

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Happiness is...

The Freedom to discover and express our individuality

Happiness at it's Essence is a formula. an Algorithm we can use to guide our life

I spent four or five years really studying happiness.

It was my specialist subject at university.

So I did a lot of research and thinking on it.

I coached a lot of people.

I even wrote my first book, First Face North, which is the principles that lead to happiness.

What I came to understand is that happiness is essentially the freedom to grow into yourself.

So it’s not the freedom to be yourself and do whatever feels good.

It’s the freedom to make the choices that make you happier, wiser, kinder to lead a more meaningful life.

We have a genetic blueprint that determines our temperament, intelligence and many other aspects of what makes us who we are.

We are born into a unique set of culture, circumstances and environments that shapes how our DNA expresses itself.

This determines our outlook, our scars and injustices and provides the opportunities that we see as open to us.

We thrive when we are in an environment that allows us to be ourself.

We shrivel when we try to fit ourself into a role or environment that doesn’t suit our DNA.

Humans crave the freedom to be themselves.

Like any captive animal they wither when they are unable to be themselves.

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unHappiness in it's different forms is...

when we get swayed off our individual path

emotions are a reflection of whether our life is on or off-course

Whether we feel despair, anger or shame, it’s because we know there’s a zone we should be in.

And we know we’re not there.

We feel despair when we think we’re never going to get there.

We feel shame when we believe we are unworthy of… and therefore incapable of getting… where we want to be. 

We feel anger when we think someone, or something, is standing between us and our goal. 

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We get swayed off-course...

by dogma, outdated maps and drama

we get off-course when we make someone else the authority.
when we act from ignorance.
and when we let emotions drive us

The image above is of Mount Erebus in Antarctica. 

It’s beautiful.  Yet it’s beauty was partly to blame for one of the worst plane disasters.

In 1979 a sight-seeing pleasure flight set off with 237 passengers and 20 crew members.

It had two new to the flight, but experienced pilots.

Tragically they were given the wrong co-ordinates to work from.  

As the flight went on they were given permission to descend and proceed visually.

The problem was that with ice and snow below them and cloudy skies above them… everything… including the mountain… blurred into one.

They were 45km from the low terrain they thought they were.

And so tragically they smashed headlong into the mountain killing everyone on board.

The consequences for us being off-course might not be as dramatic, but every heartbreak, lost dream or failure has it’s root cause in us being off-course.

We get swayed when we listen to dogma in all of it’s forms and we override our inner wisdom and make someone else the authority of our life story.

We go astray when we operate from ignorance.  When our map doesn’t match the true reality we end up somewhere different than our original destination.

We miss our goals when we act emotionally from what we wish or hope to be true rather than what is.  We sell out our path from fear and desire.

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Emotion is why we act...

Logic is how we mediate between what we want and where we are.

Success and happiness come from the right combination of logic and emotion

Imagine a GPS device that made its decisions on what were the prettiest roads or the nicest routes.

Or one that sulked and refused to direct you f you spoke unkindly to it.

It wouldn’t serve the purpose that we use navigation aids for.

We use them to get from A to B as fast and as safely as we can.

Yet. many people make decisions of how to navigate their lives, careers, and relationships based on how they feel and what they wished was true.

They choose a partner based on looks, status or from desperation.  

They hope that love is enough to make a lifelong relationship work, when statistics show us again and again it isn’t.

Decisions based on emotions are biased dependent on how you feel, what you want and how anxious or fearful you feel that moment.

Emotions are subjective.  They are a reflection of who we are and how we feel about things.  

Emotions are what inspire us and motivate us to feel a strong pull to this and not that.

Emotions are what energises to do whatever is important to us.  

And to pull us away from what isn’t.

Emotions are like a compass.  They tell us what direction we are going in and if we’re on-track or not.

But because they’re subjective and focused on the big picture, they don’t work well in giving us road by road directions.  

Logic on the other hand is terrible basis to make big picture decisions.

It’s objective and so it’s heartless, soulless and completely based on reason.

It won’t inspire anyone.  It leads to horrific decisions like genocide, euthanasia and slavery.

Decisions made from logic will never lead to happiness.  They lead to efficiency.

However, because it’s rooted deeply in reality and what is, it works wonderfully for logistics.  

Sat Nav’s work because the map they navigate from is updated and reflects the current terrain.

To make this more practical you pursue a lover, career or goal because of emotion.  

You devise a strategy and tactics to get you there from logic.

And you evaluate how you are doing from how you feel.

That is how logic and emotion should work together.

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The Basis of society is...

to control people to manage for the worst of human behaviours

There is a fundamental conflict between the desire of society to impose control and conformity and the yearning of individuals for freedom and individuality

The history of humanity has been based on one philosophical principle.

That we need centralised power and control of others in order to tame the savage nature of humans.

It is easy to see that without any shared agreements, that people would fight, steal, rape and kill others.

Yet, the controls of society do not stop the few from doing this.  Instead what they do is suppress and repress the spirits of the majority who seek to make a better world.

The ThinkFree Rebellion is a decision that you will be the author of your own life.

It recognises that most people are inherently good.

Yet, even good people do bad things when they feel bad. 

It is a commitment to rebel against dogma.

A commitment to seek truth, rather than convenient or lazy solutions.

It is a commitment to stay true to your path even when fear and temptation conspire against you. 

It is to strive to truly express your individual blueprint in a world that wants you to be a commodity on it’s shelf.

It is the rebellious act of refusing control and manipulation because you know your best service to the world and society is through your highest expression.

It is to be the Author of your experience.