Last week we complained about everything that is wrong in dating. In this episode we talked about what would be the perfect dating to start a relationship that lasts.
Dating should be so simple. There’s almost nothing more natural than one human connecting with another. For all of human history our species’s survival has depended on it. Yet, when technology seems to have solved the problem, it’s created different problems. In this episode we talk about people’s experiences in dating and what they dislike.
There are certain things that are always with us in life. Fear, desire, disappointment and conflict are all things that we have to navigate around. In this episode we talked about dealing with conflict.
This episode is a year from our first Meetups in these groups. We’ve covered so much ground, from breakups, to dating and so many different aspects of relationships. This was a chance to look back and reflect on what we learned and what’s changed for us
Relationships can seem overwhelming. There’s so many moving parts, so how can you get all of them right? The truth is we don’t need to be perfect. We don’t have to do everything right. Yet if we do nothing we never get the relationships we want. Our existing relationships will end up stagnating. So the… Read...
Co-operation is the super-power of humans. We’re not the strongest, fastest or most adaptive species. Yet we’ve dominated the ecosystem. Trust is the glue that enables us to co-operate. Trust is what makes a relationship safe and secure. But how do we build it? How do we lose it? When should we trust? When shouldn’t… Read...
Dating and relationships is often filled with questions and confusion. This episode was a chance to air those questions and get answers.
Much of dating advice for men is based on the premise that being an alpha male gets you the girls. Some of the female dating advice is on how to bag an alpha. But is an Alpha really the key to relationship success?
After our 5 Day Get Relationship Clarity Sprint we looked at what’s the next step. How do you go to confidence from clarity.
Sex and money are the taboo subjects. that few people are comfortable talking about. In this episode we discussed the way we look at sex and the problems it causes for us.