The Lover’s Journey

The Lover’s Journey

    Joseph Campbell popularised The Hero’s Journey. Here we applied it to the journey of finding lasting love. Transcript Right. So I think we’re all back shall we put if you want to put in the chat and anyone who wants… Read More »The Lover’s Journey

    The Enchantment Dating Strategy

      Many people find dating a disappointing experience. The Enchantment Dating Strategy is the solution to bring more humanity to dating.

      What Is Happy Ever After?

        We spend a lot of time trying to get into relationships. We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about our relationships. But have you ever defined what a successful relationship would be like for you?

        Listen in as we discuss the topic from different perspectives and clarify what happy ever after would be for you.

        Navigating Friendships

          Friendships can be deeply rewarding and also deeply painful when they go wrong. In this episode we discuss relationship problems that ended up touching on the biggest questions in life.