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You don’t know if relationships even work out nowadays.  You wonder if people are too fickle.  Do men even want them? And you have no plan for how you build one that works.

The nature of life and the world is that you are always going to feel not good enough.  If you ever look up anything about understanding men and dating you’ll end up in a cesspit of videos designed to play on women’s insecurities, telling you exactly what to text, say and touch a man.  

You don’t need tricks and techniques to manipulate, you just need to be yourself and clear the barriers to connecting with the right man.

Dating is an emotional rollercoaster.  You despair and give up and start again. 

You end up with someone you thought was going to be perfect only to end up hurt and disappointed over again.

Some couples are still falling in love and living happily ever after.... Here's how to make it happen for you...

Yes there are still men out there that are looking for love!

There are 7,500,000,000 people in the world. 

There has never been more access to single men.

The problem isn’t getting into a relationship.  That will probably happen even without trying.

The problem is choosing the RIGHT man and building a relationship that WORKS

That bit takes knowledge, skills and confidence.  Here’s how you get them…

The three stage plan

Change The game of relationships

Our relationship model is broken today. It's time to change the game to one you can win.

be the best you

We've all been hurt and wounded by life. It's time to heal your wounds, build self-esteem and the confidence to go get 'em.

choose the right partner

80% of a relationship's success is set when you meet. Learn how to date effectively to choose the right guy.

the nine problems you'll Have To solve to find lasting love

If you’re like most of my Clients you’re probably drowning in books and videos telling you the 101 tricks and texts you need to do to get men to love you.  

In the training, I’m going to give you a pathway to make sense of all these different ideas.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to do without bending over backwards and pretending to be someone that isn’t really you. 

Instead, I’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do to find your perfect Prince and build lasting love.

These are the nine problems you’ll have to solve…

Problem 1: How Do You Get a Man Committed to Building A Lasting Relationship?

Let’s forget political correctness for the sake of what works.  Men and women don’t think the same, value the same things or even speak the same language in relationships.  Making a relationship last means he has to love you like he’s never loved anyone else.  You need to know how to make that happen without playing games or tricks.

Problem 2: How Do You Keep Love Alive Over Time?

Most people are playing the game of relationships in a way they can’t win.  The divorce statistics alone show that, that doesn’t work.  Understand the biggest myth that wrecks relationships is that all you need is love.  You need a new game to play.

Problem 3: Where's your relationship blueprint?

Five years after drifting into a relationship is too late to realise that you are in a relationship that is never going to make you happy.

Get crystal clear on what you need from a relationship to make you happy.  Then you’ll know if the cute guy you’re chatting to can be more, or if he’ll end up disappointing you.

Problem 4: How Do You heal from the past and prevent baggage affecting your next relationship?

You have to dump the baggage and start a new relationship with a fresh slate.  There’s a big secret that almost everyone misses when they’re scared to trust.

Problem 5: How Do You build Self-esteem and self-worth?

You will only accept and receive love to the level you feel deserving of it.  If you don’t have a great relationship with yourself, it’s almost impossible to have a great relationship with someone else.

Problem 6: How Do You uncover your relationship dna and get what you need?

People that are unhappy single jump into the wrong relationships because they think it’s going to make them happy.  Or when they’re in a relationship they end up cheating or otherwise blowing up the relationship in search of happiness.  Do this step to avoid wrecking your dreams.

Problem 7: how Do You Find The Right Partner?

Finding A date is easy.  Finding THE ONE is much, much harder.

Once you know what you’re looking for, the question is where are you going to find him?  Lets get to work…

Problem 8: How Do You date successfully?

You don’t have to be on a dating site to find love, just as you don’t have to use Amazon to buy a book.  It’s just much easier and more efficient.  But if you are then it makes sense to know how to use it effectively.

Most people download dating apps and start swiping.  They have no idea who they’re really looking for and then complain that they meet all the wrong men.  Get strategic.  Create a profile that attracts the men you want and repels the douchebags and dick pics!

Problem 9: How Do You Know You’re Picking The Right Guy?

Everything we’ve built up to is for nothing if you end up picking the wrong guy.

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back with the Perfect Partner Picker.  

watch the video for the full walkthrough

In this video I’m going to take you through the exact steps you’ll have to take to find lasting love and show you the quickest, surest path.

Then I’ll follow up with tips and templates to help you on your journey.

All I ask of you is that you watch it with your full attention to get the most value from it.

9 Seems a lot! I only want to find a man

You don’t have to do all of these to find a man and have a relationship.   You could do nothing and get  into a relationship.

The problem is that every relationship will have problems.  

Most couples don’t expect the problems… so two, three or ten years in they are shocked and think it means they’re with the wrong person.

This training is to prepare you to find the right man, prevent the common problems that wreck relationships and have a GREAT relationship.

Some of the problems you'll prevent

But don't you need a partner to do this?

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

80% of the relationship is determined when you meet your future partner.

The rest is down to your interactions.

Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to do the work now… 

that means you pick the right partner.  So you don’t have years of anguish trying to fix the unfixable.

After 3 years of refining and polishing This system... it's finally ready for you!

Even If you're...

watch the video for the full walkthrough

In this video I’m going to take you through the exact steps you’ll have to take to find lasting love and show you the quickest, surest path.

Then I’ll follow up with tips and templates to help you on your journey.

All I ask of you is that you watch it with your full attention to get the most value from it.

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