Joe Burrow Girlfriend: Everything You Need to Know About the Bengals Quarterback’s Love Life

If you’re a football fan, chances are you’ve heard of Joe Burrow, the talented quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. But what about his personal life? In this article, we’ll delve into all the details of Joe Burrow girlfriend, from their early days of dating to their current relationship status.

Who is Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend?

Joe Burrow’s girlfriend is Olivia Holzmacher, a fellow Ohio native. She was born and raised in Cincinnati and attended the University of Cincinnati, where she studied communication and marketing.

How Did Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher Meet?

Joe and Olivia met while they were both attending Ohio State University. They were introduced by mutual friends and hit it off immediately. According to an interview with Joe, he knew he was going to marry Olivia the moment he met her.

Olivia’s Support for Joe

Throughout Joe’s football career, Olivia has been a constant source of support. She’s often seen cheering him on from the sidelines during games, and she frequently posts messages of encouragement on social media.

Their Relationship Status

Joe and Olivia have been together for several years now, and it seems their relationship is only getting stronger. In a recent interview, Joe mentioned that he and Olivia are planning to get married in the near future.

Olivia’s Career

In addition to being a supportive girlfriend, Olivia is also a successful businesswoman. She’s the co-founder of a marketing and branding agency called Brewed Social, which specializes in social media management for businesses.

Joe and Olivia’s Hobbies

When they’re not busy with their careers, Joe and Olivia enjoy spending time together outdoors. They both love hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Ohio. They’re also big fans of the Cincinnati Bengals and attend games together whenever they can.

Social Media Presence

Both Joe and Olivia are active on social media, and they often share glimpses of their life together with their followers. Joe’s Instagram account has over 1 million followers, while Olivia’s account has around 10,000.

Controversies and Rumors

Like many celebrity couples, Joe and Olivia have faced their fair share of rumors and controversies. One of the most notable incidents occurred in 2020, when an unverified Twitter account claimed that Olivia had cheated on Joe with his former LSU teammate, Thaddeus Moss. The rumors were quickly debunked, and both Joe and Olivia denied them.

What’s Next for Joe and Olivia?

As mentioned earlier, Joe and Olivia are planning to get married soon. Beyond that, it’s unclear what the future holds for the couple. However, given their shared love of adventure and their commitment to each other, it’s safe to say that they’ll continue to support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

The Importance of Personal Life for Athletes

While the focus is often on the athletic achievements of football players like Joe Burrow, it’s important to recognize the importance of their personal lives as well. Having a supportive partner can make a big difference in an athlete’s mental health and overall well-being.

Studies have shown that athletes who have strong relationships with their partners are more likely to report high levels of satisfaction with their lives and their performance on the field. In addition, having a supportive partner can help athletes cope with the stress and pressure that comes with competing at a high level.

Joe Burrow’s Impact on Cincinnati

Joe Burrow’s impact on the city of Cincinnati goes beyond his performance on the field. His popularity and success have helped bring national attention to the city, and he’s become a beloved figure in the community.

In addition, Joe and Olivia are active in philanthropy, and they’ve donated their time and resources to several charitable causes in the Cincinnati area. This includes supporting local food banks and working with organizations that help underprivileged children.

The Future of Joe Burrow’s Career

While Joe’s personal life is certainly important, football fans are also interested in his future as a quarterback. After a successful college career at LSU, Joe was drafted first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2020.

In his rookie season, Joe showed flashes of brilliance, but he also struggled with injuries and the challenges of playing for a struggling team. However, there’s reason to be optimistic about his future. The Bengals have made several key acquisitions in the offseason, and Joe has been working hard to improve his skills and build chemistry with his teammates.

If Joe can stay healthy and continue to develop as a quarterback, there’s no doubt that he has the potential to be one of the best in the league. And with Olivia by his side, he’ll have the support he needs to achieve his goals on and off the field.

The Heartwarming Story of How Olivia Holzmacher Supported Joe Burrow Through His Injury

In November 2020, Joe Burrow suffered a devastating knee injury that ended his rookie season with the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a difficult time for the young quarterback, but his girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher was there every step of the way to support him.

Olivia quickly became a source of strength and encouragement for Joe as he began his road to recovery. She posted messages of support on social media, and she was often seen by Joe’s side during his rehabilitation sessions.

In a post on Instagram, Olivia shared a heartfelt message for Joe, saying: “I am so proud of you and the way you’ve handled this adversity. You inspire me every day with your dedication, drive, and positive attitude.”

Her unwavering support didn’t go unnoticed by Joe, who later tweeted: “I couldn’t have made it through this without you.”

Thanks to Olivia’s love and support, Joe has been able to make a remarkable recovery and is now back on the field, ready to lead the Bengals to victory. Their story is a testament to the power of love and the importance of having someone by your side during life’s challenges.


Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher make a great team, both on and off the field. With their shared love of Ohio, the Cincinnati Bengals, and each other, they’re an inspiration to football fans and couples alike. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


  1. How long have Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher been together? Joe and Olivia have been together for several years now.
  2. What is Olivia Holzmacher’s career? Olivia is the co-founder of a marketing and branding agency called Brewed Social.
  3. Have Joe and Olivia faced any controversies? Yes, there have been rumors and controversies surrounding their relationship, but they’ve always denied them.
  4. What are Joe and Olivia’s hobbies? They both love spending time outdoors, particularly hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Ohio. They’re also avid Cincinnati Bengals fans and enjoy attending games together.
  1. When are Joe and Olivia planning to get married? While an exact date hasn’t been revealed, Joe has mentioned in interviews that they are planning to get married in the near future.

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