First Impressions Count

Is Your Dating Profile Holding You Back From Love?

When your future Partner is scrolling though profiles, does yours stand out?

Or does it blend into a thousand others and cause them to move on?

How do you stand out when you are one of thousands of profiles?

Your Profile Determines If someone talks and trusts you or not

There was a time when people met in person.  Back then if you were really awkward or worse still – too scared to speak – you knew you’d miss your chance.

Today, the dating profile is your first impression.

But most of them are awful.

The same few lines.

The same boring words.

The right profile attracts the right person and repels the wrong ones.

It starts conversations.  And conversations can be the start of a new and beautiful relationship.

dating is a learnable skill

10 years ago I found myself single and with no clue of how to meet girls.

When I started online dating all I got was rejection after rejection.  I thought I was just too ugly.

I had a choice. Either figure out how to make dating work or give up on relationships or hope someone took pity on me and drift into another relationship that I felt was my only option.

I chose to learn how to date in a way that’s natural and easy for me. I had to give dating and relationships a lot of focused attention. And so I learned how to connect.

I didn’t learn how to pretend to be something I’m not. I didn’t learn how to ‘pull any woman’ or any of that pick up stuff.

I’m no better looking than I was, but now I know how to express myself and connect with women.

I’m not hooking up with ’10’s or models or young girls that the Facebook ads will promise you.

I’m connecting with real women who I have a chance of a real relationship with.

It started when I learned how to write more interesting profiles, I started getting messages. 

Women even started messaging me. 

Online dating success starts with a profile.  

But what if you hate talking about yourself?

Or what if writing isn’t a strength?

Get a professional profile written for you.