Free Community Support In Building A Relationship that works for you

Great relationships don’t just happen.

We have to make them happen.  We do that by developing our relationship knowledge, skills and confidence.

You can fast-track that development by joining our workshops, masterclasses or coaching.

If you are not ready or your situation isn’t able to invest in your relationship success, we have a free track.

There are many pages of information and hours of podcast here to learn from.

We also have a free community that meets weekly to expand the discussion and understanding.


Guiding Vision


Everyone can get the love they want from the partner they love without changing who they are.

Group Purpose


People need people.  The point of the community is to have a safe place where we can talk honestly about relationships.

Usually people feel a pressure to say everything is fine and often pretend things are better than they are.

As a result people feel problems are their fault.

We live in a culture that tells us (to sell products) that relationship problems are a reflection on us.  Yet, 55% failure of marriage indicates it’s more of a systemic problem.

Our discussions are to bring problems – that many people have and feel alone with – out into the open.

This group is not remedial.  It is not a replacement for therapy or to treat people who can’t cope with their current situation.

It is a place where anyone committed to the same relationship goals and values can share perspectives, experiences and gain insights from others.

Each Meetup has a new theme and is building a different aspect of relationship knowledge.

There is a trail that anyone late to the party can follow to catch up, but it is not the same meeting each week.



Is This Free?  What’s The Catch?


Yes, Meetups are free.

I write and share a lot of information on my website.  These Meetups are an extension of that information and so we can deepen our knowledge by sharing diverse experiences and views.

I offer workshops, masterclasses and coaching as paid solutions.

The difference is that the information is more polished, focused and targeted to individuals.  


What Happens In A Meeting?


We have a theme, which could be a book or a perspective that relates to relationships.  Our discussion is focused around that theme.

The discussion in the main room is recorded and the audio becomes a podcast anyone can listen to later.  This provides a trail for future members.

We will go into Breakout rooms for more private discussions in small groups.  These discussions are not recorded.

The spirit of the group is to connect, so you’ll find your interaction is much better if you turn your camera on and engage.  Especially in breakout rooms.

It isn’t always possible to do so, but if you can’t turn your camera on, please explain why you aren’t.  Some people feel uncomfortable, as someone has something to hide or isn’t there when the camera is off in breakout rooms.  Saying, “I’m eating/with kids/shy” lets someone understand your situation and empathise more.

If you can’t or don’t wish to speak in the main room, you can still engage in the chatbox.

You can listen in on all past meetings on the podcast


Who Is It For?


We are lucky to have respectful, supportive and open-minded members who are looking to earn and expand their thinking.

If you are looking for a lasting and happy long-term relationship where you are willing to give as much as you expect from a partner, this is the place for you.


Who Is It Not For?


What doesn’t work is when people come with a fixed view or try to convince everyone of their way.

It’s not a place to pick up people.  I hope that you will develop friends from the group, but it isn’t a place to find your next date.

It’s not for people that want quick fixes.  There are plenty of Youtubers and Dating Coaches that will tell you the text to send or the chat up line to use.  This is for good people that want great relationships.  That comes with the right foundations and not with quick fix solutions.


Can I Report A Problem/Suggest A Topic or Give Feedback?


Yes, there is a form here that enables you to share your thoughts and experiences here.