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Change the game, finally make relationships simple and win at love at last!

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"The relationship game changer challenge"

How To Finally Win At Love

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You're Just One Great Relationship Away From Lasting Love

There's A Reason Why Your Relationships Have Never Worked...

You’ve been playing a game of relationship that you can’t win.

The way most people play the game of relationships means you have to either be ridiculously lucky that everything works out or be a Relationship Ninja.

When you analyse any relationship that lasts it has to follow three steps.

The 3 Steps To Make Relationships Simple

The Make Relationships Simple plan is… well… simple

Step 1: Change The Way You play the game of relationships

The biggest problem with relationships is that we’ve been set up to fail.

We need to overwrite the model we’ve been given that makes relationships a lottery to a model that put you in control of the success of your relationships. 

Learn how to change the game 

Step 2: Build A Great Relationship With Yourself

Your relationship with yourself is the template for all your relationships.  Make it the best and your relationships will all improve.

Step 3: Build a Great Relationship With Another

Step by step make relationships simpler.  Use structures and systems to take away the conflict and make communication simpler.  Build trust, respect and deeper connection. 

Make Relationships A Game You Can Win

Change the game of relationships to one you can win with a proven step by step process that makes relationships simple.

Simple is different from easy.  Simple means it’s clear to see what we have to do.  However, we still have to make the difficult choices and have the awkward conversations.  We can just make them simpler and more comfortable. Relationships become more complex because we avoid the difficult choices we have to make.  There is no easy button.  No magic pill or technique that makes everything easy.  But there is a simple path if we don’t avoid the answers we don’t like.

Take The 10 Day Challenge

Make Relationships Simpler 10 Day Challenge

The Relationship Game Changer Challenge

10 Tasks In 10 Minutes a Day over 10 Days for £10!

The Relationship Game Changer Challenge is the result of seeing the same relationship patterns cause so much pain, stress and confusion to Clients.

It is the answer to the question I asked two years ago…

What is the quickest, simplest way anyone could prevent the most common relationship problems?

Since then I’ve been looking over and over at refining and simplifying my answer to that question.  Until now, we have 10 tasks that should take 10 minutes over 10 days.

These are the questions they’ll address and help you understand…


  • Why your past relationships didn't work
  • Why and how people get stuck in relationships that don't work for them and the critical factors that will make or break a relationship for you
  • What determines how you feel and so what you do in relationships?
  • What will be the source of your relationship anxiety and stress and how can you prevent and manage this so it doesn't blow up your next relationship
  • How can you protect yourself so you can be open to a new relationship, yet not be devastated if it does all go wrong?
  • How do you prevent yourself getting into a relationship where 5 or 10 or 15 years later you realise you're with the wrong person?
  • How do you trust after being hurt and when is the right time to trust?
  • What is your criteria for determining who is the right partner for you?
  • The biggest factor that will determine the success or failure of all your relationships
  • The exact changes you will have to make in order to change your relationship success

I want to be honest and not over-promise or exaggerate my claims.  Of course, this challenge is not going to solve every relationship problem.  It’s not going to guarantee you’ll never have another relationship problem.  What it will do though, is give you confidence that you can control the destiny of your relationships.  

It will show you a roadmap for what it will take for you to build a relationship that works – and lasts.

Free Bonus: The 5 Pack of Relationship Pillars

The challenge

Are you ready to make your relationships simpler?

Start a new decade with a fresh approach to relationships by taking our 10 day challenge to Make Relationships Simpler.

Every day you get a 10 minutes step to do each day.  There are also videos and deeper explanations if you want to go deeper.  But in 10 days you’ll see relationships in a fresh light.  One that makes it easier to make them work.

The cost?

Just £10