Relationships Should be...


Life is busy. We need to make relationships simple so we can all have better relationships.


Relationships exist to enhance the life's of the people in them.
Our relationships should support us in the rest of our life.


Relationships that don't work lead to emotional pain, bitterness and disappointment. Relationships we care about and invest in, need to work not for a few years, but a few decades.

My Why

Everything we want in life comes through our relationships.

The longest running research study (80+ years) from Harvard University shows consistently that the single most important factor in our health, wealth and happiness is the quality of our relationships.
Simple relationships make better relationships. And better relationships make better people.
Rob McPhillips

Hi, I'm Rob McPhillips

Since 1993 I've been studying people and relationships. In that time I've seen pretty much every relationship issue.

It doesn't matter how broken or unloveable you think you are, everyone can have a simple, satisfying and sustainable relationship.

All that matters is if you're willing to put in the effort to attain simple. For those that are, I have the plan and the pathway.

The Maths Behind Finding a Life Partner

7.2 Bn
People in the world
100 M
Approx Single adults
Person you need