I help good people have great relationships

My passion is helping single men, women and couples how to build relationships that last.

This program is to give the knowledge, skills and confidence to be the best partner they can, pick the right partner for them and build a relationship that works and lasts.

So that you get the love you need, from the people you love, without changing who you are.

You are unique... The dynamics are universal

Every relationship is unique because it is made of two unique people.  

Yet the same fundamental dynamics underpin every relationship.

Therefore, no Guru or Expert can prescribe exactly what will work for you.

However, we can identify the dynamics that create your problems or your success.

The pathway is universal… yet the details will look slightly different for everyone.

You need to follow the path… but do it in the way that fits your style and circumstances. 

We're building groups that give people the safe place to find their happy ever

IN THEIR OWN WAY​ along a universal pathway

None of us can create great relationships alone or from within the relationship. 

We need fresh insights, perspectives and support from others committed to the same path who understand us.

We need a community.

A community of others who aren’t in our everyday life… so we don’t face judgement or get influenced to other people’s agendas – however well-meaning.  

Yet they get us because they’re on the same path.

We make relationships a game you can win

I believe relationships are the most important aspect of our life.

Yet, when we take them too seriously, it sucks the joy out of them.

Relationships are best when we treat them with love and respect… yet with a lightness that keeps them alive.

Working on yourself or relationships seems heavy and daunting.

We believe they should be a game you play to win.

You play the game because it matters and it’s fun.

But you don’t constrict and constrain the life from it.

End The overwhelm... Focus on one change

Relationships are complex.  There’s thousands of dynamic factors affecting them all.

It’s easy to get lost in reading hundreds of books… and find nothing changes!

It’s time to Make Relationships Simple.

Identify the biggest problem limiting your relationship success.

Focus on that one aspect.

Follow the pathway;

  1. gather the knowledge and new perspectives you need.
  2. develop the skills to master the change.
  3. gain the confidence to do it effectively

Rinse and repeat until you have mastered relationships.

when you are ready to play The Game of relationships to win...

Pick the most relevant project for your current relationship status.


When you're ready... Here are three ways I can help

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The projects

An adventure for single women to find her ideal partner and set themselves up for a relationship that is built to last.

The Be her hero Project

An adventure for single men to find their ideal woman and be her hero for life.

Slay The Dragon

This project is for couples to fix the problems that will inevitably happen in relationships.

Before every Prince and Princess have their happy ever after, they have to face an ordeal.  Slay a dragon or lift a curse.  

That ordeal is a metaphor for resolving the differences that every couple have to work through to live happily together.  

The Phoenix Project

When a relationship goes sour, the aftermath can be devastating.  Here’s how to pick up the pieces after a breakup, heal fully and move on to a happier future.

Do you want to find lasting love, improve a relationship or heal from heartbreak?

I’m starting up a new small online group to work through a pathway to better relationships and support each other along the way.

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