Is a happy, healthy and loving relationship possible in 2021?

Over and over again I hear the same stories.

“There’s no good single men out there in my area/of my values/religion/age.”

“Women are just out for attention and money”

“People don’t want a relationship now they can get sex from apps.”

“Dating sites don’t work”

They think there’s no-one of their age.  Their values.  Or whatever.

If you feel the desire to have passionate sex... to feel love, connection and intimacy... and to feel there's someone in your corner with you... don't you think others have those same desires?

The Facts!

The problem is we don't know how

Let’s not beat around the bush.

We suck at relationships.

55% of our most committed relationships, marriages end in heartbreak and disappointment.

No-one is coming to save you. 

The Fairy Godmother isn’t going to magically send you the perfect man or woman to ‘complete you’.

Cupid’s arrows aren’t the solution to your relationship woes.

And neither are the scammy Pick Up Artists and Dating Coaches who will tell you they have the secret words and texts that will make someone fall in love with you – and only you – forever.

These are all part of the reason why relationships are so difficult for so many people.

I have no magic pills. 

No magic bullets to make relationships easy. 

No magic scripts or secret spells.

But if you’re a smart independent thinker who’s ready to give up the fantasy of the fairy tale and the Disney dream…

And you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to find and nurture love.

Then I have the solution you might be looking for.

It won’t be instant.

It won’t be easy.

But I will dispel the myths of relationships and simplify them as much as possible.

Are you happy with your relationships or are they off-course?

Life and relationships are actually really simple.

What makes them so complicated are the stories, fears and anxieties we tell ourselves about them.

The stories we have been told. 

The stories we tell ourselves.

The fears, doubts and anxieties we have.

These are the things that make relationships so complex.

Pilots Have air traffic control... how do you get back on track?

Hi, I’m Rob McPhillips and my speciality is helping people get back on track in their lives and relationships.

I’m leading the Think Free Rebellion.  It’s a movement to liberate and empower Independent Thinkers from dogma, drama and dated maps that don’t match up to our current reality.

I bring logical solutions to people who are stuck in their emotions and help people who are tired of living by other people’s rules to author their own lives.

Rob McPhillips

Are you ready to take control of your life and relationships?

If you are ready to finally make relationships work for you then sign up for the free training below.

In it, I will share with you the three critical understanding that can help you see relationships from a new perspective.

This training is just the start of a deeper understanding.

I know only a certain type of person is ready and willing to do the work to achieve relational mastery.  

This is for you to find out if you are that person.  If you are, I’ll show you how to go deeper.

Now like Neo in the Matrix, you have a choice.

Do you want the truth or to believe the relationship lies that keep most people stuck?