I help good people have great relationships

I teach single men, women and couples how to build relationships that last.

This program is to give the knowledge, skills and confidence to pick the right partner and build a relationship that lasts.

So that you get the love you need, from the people you love, without changing who you are.

Relationships are never going to be sunshine, rainbows and fluttering hearts all the time.  The goal is one that works so even on bad days you trust, respect and like them.  

everything is better with love

I teach people to get the love and support they crave because I have a vision for a better world.  A world without game playing and manipulation.

Let’s find the new way.  Where relationships last because the couple couldn’t imagine wanting to leave.

Let’s make a better world, by building relationships that make us better people. 

The secret sauce is to make relationships simple

The big problem is we have been given a relationship model that doesn’t work.   And it’s killing our relationships and it’s killing the joy out of our life. 

Relationships are complex because people don’t talk openly and honestly.

They don’t talk openly and honestly because they don’t feel safe.  Because they don’t know how to and because they think they can win from tricks and techniques.

Make Relationships Simple is based around giving you the transformation to heal wounds, be the best you, choose the right partner for you and build a great relationship that lasts.

Pick Your Project

The Make Relationships Simple Pathway is a set of projects based on your current situation.


An adventure for single women to find her ideal partner and set themselves up for a relationship that is built to last.

The Be her hero Project

An adventure for single men to find their ideal partner and be her hero for life.

Slaying The Dragon

This project is for couples to fix the problems that will inevitably happen in relationships.

Before every Prince and Princess have their happy ever after, they have to face an ordeal.  Slay a dragon or lift a curse.  

That ordeal is a metaphor for resolving the differences that every couple have to work through to live happily together.  

The Phoenix Project

When a relationship goes sour, the aftermath can be devastating.  Here’s how to pick up the pieces after a breakup, heal fully and move on to a happier future.

Do you want to find lasting love, improve a relationship or heal from heartbreak?

I’m starting up a new small online group to work through a pathway to better relationships and support each other along the way.

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