Find Your One And Build A Relationship That Lasts

Simple.  Satisfying.  Sustainable.

I Help People Find Love And Build Relationships That Last

I help people find their One and build lasting relationships by changing the game of relationships.

Relationships, the way most people do them, are too complex.  

They are complex because we don’t have in place the building blocks a relationship needs. 

When in place, these support and sustain a happy, healthy relationship for decades rather than years.

I take people through a 90 day process to put in place all the building blocks.  So that people choose the right partner and can make a relationship simple.

Because I believe that simpler relationships make better relationships.  And better relationships make better people.

The Two Steps To Happy Ever After

Step 1: Get Relationship Ready And Find Your One

80% of the quality of a relationship is dependent on the two individuals in the relationship.

This depends on;

  • Your emotional readiness for a relationship.
  • Your relationship framework that determines your expectations and how you believe a relationship will work.
  • And of course, the partner that you choose.


A relationship is like your body.  When your body has everything it needs, you thrive.

When it lacks something, you get sick.

When the relationship has the resources it needs, the relationship is simple.  

When it doesn’t it becomes complex.  The complexity is a sign that the relationship is missing the fundamentals it needs. 

And just as a sick body needs Drs and tests and investigations, so does the sick relationship need lots of talking, work and Counsellors.

Step 2: Build The Relationship That Lasts

Even with the perfect partner and solid foundations, relationships need to be structured to minimise friction.

Conflict and problems are inevitable.  with the right foundations and the right approach though, they can strengthen relationships rather than break them.

Built To Last walks you through creating the structure and climate in a relationship to deepen the connection.  So that your relationship can meet whatever challenges life throws at you both.

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