build relationships that work

We live in the time where there is more access to single people (of all age groups) than ever before.

No-one should be single who wants to be in a loving and lasting relationship.

relationships aren't working

55% of marriages (our most committed relationships) end in divorce.

If 55% of surgeries ended in death or 55% of planes crashed we would change what we did.

Behind the stats are people.  People who feel the pain of failure and loss.

It’s time to do relationships differently.

make relationships simpler

Relationships seem like a lottery.  There’s all kinds of vague cliches.

You have to meet the ‘One’ and then all will magically work.  Or relationships take sacrifice.

The statistics show these don’t work.

There are only three keys to a satisfying relationship that lasts…

Right State

Be a good person.

Right Partner

Find a good person.

Right relationship

Be good together.

Ok, I oversimplified it a bit!

There’s a lot more to the art and science of relationships.  

But as long as you’re smart enough to understand the concepts. 

Fair enough to give whatever you ask of your partner.

And willing to do the work to be kinder and choose a better partner, you can find love.

How to build lasting love

After working with people as a Therapist, Coach and Mediator for 27 years, I kept seeing the same problems. Over and over again.

Three years ago, I set out to build a system to solve those problems. I started holding groups where people could feel safe to talk openly and honestly about their situations.

A place where we could explore different ideas and perspectives.

Let me catch you up with our biggest ideas so you can build a kinder, more loving relationship.

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