Find Your One And Build A Relationship That Lasts

Simple.  Satisfying.  Sustainable.

I Help People Make Relationships Simple

Simple doesn’t always mean easy, but it does mean it’s achievable by anyone.

Relationships, the way most people do them, are too complex.  Because of this they cause too much pain and suffering and too little love and connection.

They are complex because we operate in a fog of confusion.  We operate in a fog from a fear of speaking the truth and because we operate in a flawed model of relationships.

Relationships are a set of 4 key skills that no one teaches.  

  • How to heal wounds and build self worth so we’re ready to show up at our best in our next relationship
  • How to find the right partner
  • How to set the right relationship structure
  • How to build and maintain a relationship


When we learn these skills we have better relationships

My mission is to make relationships simple, so that they are better.  Because happier people make the world a better place.

The Two Steps To Happy Ever After

Step 1: Get Relationship Ready And Find Your One

Find Your One is a complete course to heal your baggage, understand why your past relationships didn’t work how to find your perfect partner.  

80% of the success of your next relationship depends on the building blocks that you put in place now.  

Factors like;

Who you choose

Your emotional foundations

And the way you set and build the relationship.

Step 2: Build The Relationship That Lasts

Even with the perfect partner maintaining a relationship is still a challenge.  most relationships have too much friction and too little resources.

Relationships need to be built on a foundation that is secure and they need the skills to manage conflict, open communication and deepen connection.

Built To Last walks you through the steps to ensure your relationship can meet whatever challenges life throws at you both.

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